Shopify POS software is absolutely free for all Shopify users, sellers, and businesses! Read and discover all the benefits that come with using Shopify Retail Store Software in India!

With the excellent execution of Point of Sale or POS, selling products online and accepting payments has never been easier. With the Point of Sale system, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and gift cards on your iOs or Android device.

The Shopify platform supports POS, as well as, Retail Store Software which is connected with your online store and ensures your orders, products, and customers are always in sync.

Using Shopify POS for your online business in India comes with numerous benefits. Here are some of the advantages you should know:

  • Accept offline requests: With Shopify, you can not only accept online payments but offline as well. If the request is made without internet access, the order will synchronize with your store next time you are connected.
  • Divide tenders: You can easily accept multiple payment methods.
  • Repayments: You can exploit your specific credit rating.
  • Custom made payments: You can create customized payments to accept coins, cheques or repayments created with an external device.
  • Gift cards: You can sell gift cards without any complications or trouble. The gift cards can be sent directly to buyers or imprinted using the receipt printer.
  • Discounts: You can offer special discounts on specific products or on whole order.
  • Shipping and delivery: You can store the information of customer’s shipping and delivery address. You can also get in touch with the customer if extensive details are required.
  • Track records: The Retail store software and POS system are great for keeping records of specific requests.
  • Custom email: You can personalize your existing email and invoice, together with your online shop link.
  • Refunds: You can refund previous requests to shop credit rating. You can also offer a refund to the buyer while using authentic payment process.
  • Custom sale: You can customize the price or your product, create custom series, and more.
  • Staff monitoring: You can easily arrange tracking of employees, as well as, their work records. Each employee has its own identification number. Most details and requests can be followed by a staff account.

The Shopify POS and Retail Store Software will give you the power to manage sales, transactions, returns, set up iPad registers, print receipts, scan barcodes, and much more.